Gentec News for Industry and Researchers June 2017

Gentec CEO Graham Plastow and Genesus's Bob Kemp are leading a new $3.4 million project to improve genomic crossbred EBVs for pigs, courtesy of Genome Canada's Genomic Applications Partnership Program. - Delta Genomics submitted video to Canada 150 highlighting the benefits of Canadian agriculture and genomics. The video placed in the top 10 submissions, winning Delta a $1,000 cash prize. - $4.47 million for cattle industry in Saskatchewan - Cow Forage Gentec Tour, Aug 22 - Building public trust in the beef industry - Wired magazine features Canadian ag, Filippo Miglior and Paul Stothard made uncommon waves in Wired magazine in an article about their research to reduce methane emissions. - Cargill to exit US cattle-feeding business

Gentec News for Consumers May 2017

This month’s video features Irene Wenger -Research by Canada Beef in four major beef-eating regions found that consumers love Canadian beef - Once again, Gentec is joining forces with experts at the Lacombe Research Centre to host a field day - Max Rothschild explains some of his discoveries that link genetic diseases in our pets to diseases in humans - Online courses on swine, cattle and poultry health come to your inbox - Erasmus Okine for producers: Feed-efficient cattle increase profit, reduce methane- Ellen Goddard : antibiotic-free may not be a good thing for anybody. Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan, Italy on May 9, - Genetic testing law to face constitutional review in Canada - Update on the CRISPR revolution-Beef University free, online - Delta Genomics joins Canada's birthday celebrations. - Read why knowledge isn't the same thing as diagnosis.


Gentec News for Academia April 2017

Dr Steve Miller was awarded the Mark of Excellence by BIO. - Nicky Lansink won 2nd prize in the Masters' oral paper competition at SRMmeeting.- Leluo Guan's “Metatranscriptomic Profiling Reveals Linkages between the Active Rumen Microbiome and Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle” was selected by the editors in a feature highlighting articles of significant interest.- Barry Irving was awarded the SRM's 2017 W.R. Chapline Land Stewardship Award. - 8th annual LG conference entitled One Genome, One Health: Our Animals, Our Environment and Us on October 17th and 18th in Edmonton. -Gentec student Razie Khorshidi's work at UAlberta has landed in South Africa - Ed Bork in Canadian Cattlemen in an article on the lack of funding/researchers in forage crops. - In his presentation titled “gEPDs for Commercial Beef Cattle” John Basarab talks about improving the accuracy of EPDs and gEPDs, and deliver the economic benefit of their use to the commercial beef sector. - A new case of vCJD in the UK was identified in 2016 by sequencing bacterial prions--which opens up a whole new avenue for research on the influence these prions might have in other species. Read more here.

19 US cattle breeds in new online database - Individual philanthropy Mattheis ranch, the St. Albert Research Station, and other locations that pave the way for our expertise in forage and rangeland, feed efficiency, livestock genetics and more. Recently, UoGuelph received a $20 million gift that will create the Arrell Food Institute.

Gentec News for Industry and Researcher March 2017

Conference roundup•Alberta Beef Industry Conference•Livestock Care Conference•Western Canadian Dairy Seminar and the DRECA Social•Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference•Beef Day 2017. Delta, Gentec and EnVigour HX (TM) were on display at Lakeland's bull sale. Read more here. -The Alberta Beef & Forage Grazing Centre and Lakeland College students studies

-TEC Edmonton has to say about Delta - Better, cheaper DNA tests for cows - Organics and CRISPR technology are compatible - Featured Video: Converting research and knowledge into cash-Want kids? Eat more meat! - Canada suspends meat imports from Brazil - Gentec helped host a visit of Prof. Meng Qingxiang, Director of the Beef Research Centre at China Agricultural University (CAU) to Alberta in February. - The funding and integrity behind academic labs- Where innovation goes to die - How many cattle lose their tags?


Gentec News for Consumers February 2017

Livestock industry gives back to the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation - Gentec facilitated a healthy beefy meal for Edmonton's less fortunate - demand for premium quality beef increased, for commodity beef stayed flat or declined. - Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition study goal it is to shift the world towards more sustainable food - Teenager raped to death in US animal research centre -Anastasia Bodnar evaluates biotechnology industry’s nutrition-related claims about GM crops. - Gentec CEO Graham Plastow spent time in southern Ontario in his role on LRIC's - If an animal is selectively bred for meat, is it less safe to eat than a "mutt" animal? If humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas, does it matter if there's a fish gene in tomatoes? - Ground beef is to join the list of other food items that can be irradiated to reduce the risk of pathogens and food poisoning - Putting the flavour back in tomatoes - Beef/hog prices down--but not at the store - Animal Science students at UAlberta got their hands dirty at real livestock operations during reading week.

Gentec News for Academia January 2017

In this Edition:

Graham Plastow has been appointed Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Production Animal Health, University of Calgary. - UAlberta wins $26 million to study the genomics behind chronic wasting disease in cervids, corrosion in pipelines and resilient trees. - Young researcher profile: Tara Carthy - Alberta's Sunalta Dairy is the largest North American dairy to take part in an international project to measure feed intake in dairy cows. - UAlberta grad students from all disciplines to capture, share and present the essence of their research in one image. - Genome Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Genome Alberta and Genome BC organized a Forum on genomics and AMR held in Ottawa report from the workshop released in December. - Alison Van Eenennaam spend more time critiquing ag science. - The University of Calgary’s School of Veterinary Medicine is a vital partner to the livestock industry and Gentec. - Gentec e-news contributor Brenda Schoepp's article in the Canadian Cattlemen's magazine hits a nerve. - The new NgAgo tool is more accurate than CRISPR and has less "side-effects." -   Monsanto announced a new global licensing agreement with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard - Audio summaries from Banff Pork Seminar

- An Ohio State University research study detailing the discovery of an antibiotic-resistant gene in a farrowing barn has caused widespread concern about food safety.


Gentec News for Industry and Researcher December 2016

In this Edition:

Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) has driven academic advancements in agricultural science in spectacular fashion. - Gentec's solid relationship with the China Agricultural University is beginning to pay off in collaboration - Gentec associate researcher and Director of Scientific and Industry Advancement at the Canadian Beef Breeds Council, John Crowley, was appointed adjunct professor at UAlberta's - CEO of Genome Alberta David Bailey and Gentec-associated researcher John Basarab spoke at the Alberta legislature - province and UAlberta are partnering to administer two research ranches and assure that ongoing research continues to benefit Albertans. -Edward Bork has found that grazing reduced the amount of carbon stored in surface vegetation and litter - the 13-year ban on Canadian beef is over - 2016 was quite the year--on so many fronts! Gentec also had a momentous 12 months, pushing forward our agenda to make livestock profitable, sustainable--and a source of nutrition and food security for all. - Brenda Schoepp raises compelling questions - California engages dairy to combat climate change- the first beef carbon in the world is registered on the Alberta Carbon Market Compliance Registry - Livestock are responsible for 15% of human-produced greenhouse gas emissions. A tax on meat may open up a black market to address the question of affordable demand. - Farmers can keep a digital record of their animals' health issues using Rex Animal Health’s platform. Read more about how it works and what its benefits might look like here. - Gentec's Social Committee thanks everyone for their contributions which made this year's hamper another success. The $465 raised put together a fantastic donation for a family of eight grateful people (the children were particularly excited about the toys). We are proud to be part of such a generous organization.



Gentec News for Consumers November 2016

In this Edition:

Gentec associate researcher Ann Bruce discusses gene editing - Gentec's Dawn Trautman examines the need for traceability in today's food systems. - Tim McAllister explains why consumer demands matter and what the industry is doing to address them. - VIDEO: Eat more what? Sangita (Gita) Sharma looks at the relationship between dietary insufficiency and disease around the world. - "Social" pigs to improve animal welfare in pork production - Gentec alumnus, Mikolaj Rasze’s start-up company Merogenomics Inc. received its business licence and opened its doors. Merogenomics provides consulting services on commercial access of genome sequencing and related technologies, focusing on cancer biopsy profiling, undiagnosed diseases, DNA sequencing for pregnant women, and personal genome screening in asymptomatic individuals. - Ellen Goddard talks about Food labelling and Canada's food guide - The human microbiome can affect our physical health, mental health and our behaviour. It has now become one of the popular topics to study. – CRISPR; gene editing is at the heart of an emerging controversy over whether or not to delete genes for human diseases. - Read about some of the innovations that feedlots are implementing to keep humans and animals stress-free. - Meat issues - Irradiated meat, anybody? - Choose your cut of beef with The Roundup app - Indian cows - no burping, farting, or fainting... it's all in the DNA - Scientists lambast The New York Times for faulty article on GMOs


Gentec News for Academia October 2016

In this Edition:

Highlights of videos of the speakers' presentations of LGC 2016 - The genomics of mink - Former Gentec PhD student and current professor at Dalhousie University, Younes Miar is part of the only team in North America to explore what genomics might do for this sector of the Canadian economy. - The Economist reports on the growing number of spreadsheet errors in journal papers - ChangXi Li is now AAFC Chair in Bovine Genomics and Full (adjunct) Professor at UAlberta in the Faculty of ALES. He was also promoted within Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. – Hall of Fame: John Kennelly, former Dean of the UAlberta’s Faculty of Agriculture, Life & Environmental Sciences dedicated nearly 40 years to improving agriculture in Alberta, and long-time Alberta cattleman Cor Van Raay spawned a collection of business that spanned grain sales, ag-implements dealerships, packing plants and the feedlot operations that would become one of the largest in Canada. - Improving sustainability of beef industry supply chains, Goddard, E, et al. - Farewell to ALMA - The last speaker for the Words from Industry session was Jay Cross, chair of Gentec's board. - Researcher Rob Kinley has positive results in reducing methane emissions in sheep by feeding them Australian seaweed. - Canada has become a global leader in the export of high-quality bull semen. - Carly Moore and Nicky Lansink strapped pedometers onto cows' legs and GPS collars around their necks to find out how cows roam and whether it affects feed efficiency. - NSERC is funding a new research facility aimed at livestock production at Olds College.

Gentec News for Industry and Researcher June 2016

In this Edition:

CCA's Tom Lynch-Staunton has made a new link with former employer Gentec, one that benefits the whole livestock sector. - Jane Halford was recently elected to Delta Genomics's Board of Directors. - Gentec researcher Ellen Goddard tracks the history of BSE and swine diseases in Canada - Gentec researcher Ellen Goddard provides the first study to address producers' incentives to adopt genomic selection for feed efficiency in the whole supply chain. -

Network: Field Day at the Kinsella Research Ranch - Novel low-cost vaccine could transform poultry industry- VaxAlta Inc new vaccine to prevent C. jejuni contamination in poultry - John Basarab and a team of researchers have won $1.6 million from CCEMC and ALMA to study cow emissions using new technology. - Gentec CEO Graham Plastow says cows fed antibiotics poop more methane, research whether antibiotics also affect cow burps. - Report from Uruguay and the World Hereford Congress by John Crowley. - Technology and practical methods to combat emissions in livestock agriculture - Events calendar - McDonald's completes its sustainable beef pilot program - McDonald's Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot Program. - Uncertain future for gene-edited products in Europe

Gentec News for Consumers September 2016

In this Edition:

LGC 16: UAlberta's Sangita Sharma has discovered some frightening nutritional inadequacies in Alberta's children. - The beef industry will discuss the recently completed McDonald’s Verified Sustainable Pilot championed by the Canadian Round Table for Sustainable Beef. Mike Coffey and Alison Van Eenennaam with lead combined sessions, Gert Schrijver of Alberta Milk’s Research Committee will provide an update on Alberta Milk’s Health Dairy Herd Program - Gentec partner BCRC bring to this post/video all you ever wanted to know about genomics--and more. Gentec-associated researcher John Basarab and Reynold Bergen  are part of the webinar. -UAlberta and Gentec representatives distinguished themselves at the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS-ADSA-CSAS) joint conference in Salt Lake City in July.- Tim McAllister was formally recognized with the 2016 Canadian Beef Industry Award for - Outstanding Research and Innovation at the inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference. McAllister is respected nationally and internationally for his work on antimicrobial resistance, beef cattle nutrition, silage science, greenhouse gas emissions, prion science and E. coli O157:H7 - Violet Muringai won the Food Distribution Research Society's  2016 Richardson-Applebaum Award for Best PhD Dissertation.  - Gentec's own Anna Szenthe received the Knights's Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary for her volunteer work as President of the Canadian Hungarian Heritage Council and Co-president of the Canadian Diaspora Council.-Gentec student Nicky Lansink was wowed by Canadian Beef Industry Conference. - A new study proposes that consumers will have to cut beef consumption by half to meet Europe's climate goals.  - The Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency and the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency are working to produce a low-cost, user-friendly tool to automate traceability testing in the livestock sector. - The Calgary Eyeopener wasn't quite sure what to make when Canadian Cattlemen's Association Issues Director, Tom Lynch-Staunton explained the negligible effect of residual hormones in beef.  - Ag minister supports beef genomics - Tim Brown. Change by Design: how design thinking transforms organizations and inspires innovation. Harper Collins. 2009. - John Oliver, host of "Last Week Tonight," summarizes what to look for in real science and the booby-traps in bogus science.- Read here what scientists have decided is the best strategy to protect cows from lions in Africa.- Using genetic data from its clients, genetics company 23andMe has identified new loci for susceptibility to basal cell carcinoma. 


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